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Advanced Analytics Gone Analog – Process Safety Posters

Written by Risk Alive

February 4, 2021

We’ve all walked through a hazardous processing facility and seen posters everywhere. Taglines and slogans like ‘Safety First’ and warnings around slips, trips, and falls are common. Often you’ll find a company’s corporate safety values listed as a reminder that safety is a top priority. How actionable is the information shared in these formats? Is it specific and relevant? How quickly do they fade into the background and become a part of the scenery that is overlooked?

Risk Alive generates advanced analytics and delivers them through a could-based platform, it is a step backwards in technology, but the communication of these risk insights through posters has revitalized them as a communication medium!

Imagine sharing the most significant threats, the most important safeguards and other critical information that can be consumed in a few minutes using simple visualization techniques and having that posted around your facilities. As an example, here is an anonymized poster specific for a processing unit in a refinery dissected.

Full Poster

Most Significant Risks

This summary of the most significant risk scenarios highlights the equipment and scenarios to be aware of, as well as their risk impacts and total risk contribution for the unit. Note the various categories of threats from human error to equipment malfunction. 

Most Significant Safeguards

Knowing the most important safeguards, alarms and other barriers keeping the unit operating safely as well as their risk reduction contribution. If any of these safeguards are compromised or go offline for any reason, care is required to keep the facility running safely.

Top Hazardous Event 

Seeing the most hazardous event that can occur on the unit in this bowtie visualization helps everyone understand the relationships between the threats, the consequences and the barriers keeping everyone safe.

Top Human Dependent Safeguards/ Barriers 

Often people and their activities are an important part of your risk reduction strategy. Whether it’s an operator round, a response to an alarm or following a critical procedure, many types of administrative controls keep your company operating safely.

The next time you walk by a safety poster, think of this example and see how the posters in your company compare. 

  • Is the information actionable?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Can reading the poster make the difference between a safe or unsafe day?

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