Take the preparation time for PHA’s out of your busy schedule – learn more about our new PHA Preparation & Reporting service on July 5th!

Smart Risk Decisions Driven By Data

Data-driven Certified Lab PHAs – Powered by Risk Alive

Powered by Risk Alive, our New Data-Driven Certified Lab PHAs reduce preparation and session time, increase quality and completeness, and overcome PHA/HAZOP fatigue. We have all learned from our own experience, now learn from everyone else’s.

Choose the analytics package to fit your facility and needs

Risk Alive provides high-risk organizations across the globe with advanced cloud-based analytics services from which to make smarter, more informed safety decisions; quickly and easily.


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  • Company Dashboard
  • PHA Viewer (Search, Export)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Secure Data Hosting

Predictive Services

  • Risk Discovery & Assessment
  • Safeguard ROI
  • Recommendation ROI
  • Prediction Model
  • Expert Review Session



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Everything from FOUNDATION plus…

Critical Top 3
Clearly communicate what matters most from Operations to Executive.

Safeguard Ranking
Prioritize your top safeguards for maintenance, auditing and testing.

Recommendation Sequencer
Optimize spend and effort of all recommendations.

Critical Hazards List (Technology specific)
Critical threats, impacts and safeguards for specific processing technologies based on industry data.



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Everything from ESSENTIAL plus…

Hazardous Scenario Viewer
Visualize all scenarios using equipment specific and interactive bowties.

Unit Comparison Visualization
Visually compare your facility to others in your organization or to Industry.

Unit Comparison Analysis
Analysis tool for identifying missed or inconsistently risk ranked scenarios.

Library Lite
All your data hosted with tag searching in the Risk Alive Library.



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Everything from INSIGHT plus…

Game of Safer Together “GOST”
Custom GOST game with your corporation’s data only.

Report Card
Compare to others in your organization or industry based on 6 key metrics.

PHA Evergreen
Keep your PHA up to date and relevant over a 5-year cycle.

Library Full
Library Lite plus Management of Change and Integration support.

All analytics packages include Data Conditioning, 5-Years Hosting, Unlimited Users, Technical Support, Help Center, and Operations Support.