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Discover The Risks In Your Business


It’s never been more critical to understand the threat potential, risk impact and human requirements for your operations to run efficiently and safely. Whether you’ve got an upcoming PHA, HAZOP or Audit or have insights and recommendations from previous assessments that you haven’t yet been able to act on yet, we can help.

Do You Have…

An Upcoming PHA OR HAZOP?

We’ll use your previous PHA data to provide a prioritized list of critical considerrations. 

An Upcoming or recently completed Audit?

We’ll use your PHA results to help you discover the top safeguards to audit.

Outstanding Risk Recommendations You Still Need to Action 

We’ll help you prioritize recommendation with an eye on cost saving and budget.

Risk Discovery

Learn from the Risk of Other Operators

Upcoming PHA or HAZOP?

  • With the world’s largest Risk Database of identified risk learnings, we can guide you, so you do not miss critical threats, impacts, and hazardous events in your upcoming HAZOP / PHA.
  • In our Risk Discovery of thousands of units, our results indicate a low-risk discovery of 15-30% out of the total potential risk which could be discovered.

Upcoming Audit or Recent Audit Results?

  • With the world’s only criticality calculator based on thousands of process units, we can identify the top safeguards that provide you with 80% of your risk reduction.
  • In our Risk Discovery of audited results, we discovered that over 37% of the top safeguards were found to be inactive.

Outstanding Action Items or Recommendations?

  • With the world’s first predictive cost modelling tool specific to the criticality of recommendations along with cost, our models allow you to spend and achieve the most effective cost risk reduction.
  • In our predictive models, we have discovered a trend across all PHA’s which allows us to create a costing model that’s +/- 20% accuracy.

Limited Time Offer:

Send us your previous PHA’s or the specifics of your upcoming unit PHA, and we will provide you with a list of critical threats, impacts, and hazardous events to consider.

Extra Value:

For a small fee, we will tell you what your risk discovery is.

Limited Time Offer:

Send us your current PHA results and we’ll run safeguard criticality model so you can discover the top safeguards which need to be audited and verified to be working.

Extra Value:

For a small fee, we will validate and prioritize all your safeguards.

Limited Time Offer:

Send us your PHA results, and we’ll prioritize, run a predictive cost model so you can discover significant savings on your recommendations and prioritize your spending.

Extra Value:

For a small fee, we will validate your recommendations cost and prioritize.