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Facilitator / Trainer / Safety Lifecycle Leader & Project Manager

Richard Carter

P. Eng., F.S. Eng. PH&RA (TÜV Rheinland)

Richard is a Professional Engineer, and is qualified as a Functional Safety Engineer (F.S. Eng.) in Process Hazards and Risk Analysis through the TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Program.
Richard is an experienced facilitator of Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) studies, such as Hazard and Operability (HAZOP), Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Hazard Identification (HAZID) and What-If Analysis. He has facilitated more than 500 days of PHA studies across over 200 sessions, for some of the largest operating and engineering organizations in Canada and the United States, and has field experience in oilsands and petrochemicals facilities.
Richard’s interpersonal skills, attention to detail, experience with a wide variety of chemical and material processing systems, and enthusiasm for process safety make him an excellent facilitator and training instructor.

PHA Facilitation Highlights:

• Encana North Central Liquids Hub and Pipestone Liquids Hub HAZOPs
• FortisBC Tilbury LNG Plant Expansion HAZOP
• Husky Energy East Coast West White Rose Project (WWRP) Drilling, Topsides and Interface HAZOP & LOPA
• Pembina Younger Gas Plant and Hythe Sweet Trains Baseline HAZOPs & LOPAs
• PetroChina Canada (Brion Energy) Dover North Commercial Project HAZOP
• Plains Midstream Canada Glen Ewen and Rimbey Gas Plant HAZOPs
• Petronas Energy Canada Town Gas Plant and Town North Gas Plant HAZOPs
• Repsol Edson Gas Plant unit HAZOPs, including Inlets, Steam & Cogen, LPG, and Flares and Drains
• SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) Power Engineering Laboratory Baseline HAZOP
• Suncor Energy Meadow Creek full project FEED HAZOPs
• Suncor Energy Fort Hills Utilities, Cogen and Hot Process Water Baseline HAZOPs
• Suncor Energy Base Plant Naphtha Hydrotreater and Millennium Naphtha Unit HAZOPs
• Tianqi Lithium Australia Metso Kiln HAZOP and LOPA
• TransCanada Hidden Lake, Moody Creek and Denning Lake Compressor Station HAZOPs

Current ACM Facility Safety Inc.
Facilitator / Trainer / Safety Lifecycle Leader & Project Manager August 2011 – Present
• Teaches the P&ID Engineering Drawings Interpretation cause, the Introduction to Process Hazards Analysis course, and the PHA/HAZOP Facilitation workshop.
• Speaker at CCPS Global Congress on Process Safety, 2019
• Facilitator of over 200 Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies over more than 500 days, with teams of up to 30 people, including:
• Agrium – Raw Water Pre-Treatment and Demineralization HAZOP
• ATCO – Controls Upgrade Review
• Cenovus Energy
▪ Weyburn Test Separator HAZOP
▪ Shaunavon Oil Battery HAZOP
▪ Shaunavon Satellites HAZOP Revalidation
▪ Refrigeration Package HAZOP
▪ Aftercoolers HAZOP
▪ Metering Station HAZOP
▪ Pilot Plant HAZOP
• Cenovus Energy (continued)
▪ Christina Lake Area 02/07 HAZOP
▪ Depressure Well Tie-In HAZOP
• Canadian National Railway Company (CN)
▪ CanaPux™ Pilot Plant FEED What-If
• Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL)
▪ Horizon High Temperature Paraffinic Froth Treatment System Utilities & Offsites HAZOP
▪ Primrose North Steam Generation HAZOP
• ConocoPhillips Canada – Surmont 2
▪ Instrument Air Compressors HAZOP
▪ Instrument Air Dryers HAZOP
▪ Glycol Pump Discharge Analysis (OPPSD)
▪ WLS Sludge HAZOP
▪ Condensate Package Pipelines
• Devon Energy
▪ Pilot Project HAZOP
▪ Jackfish 3 Shutdown Action LOPA
▪ Jackfish Pads MOC HAZOP
▪ Jackfish 2/3 SRU MOC What-If
▪ Jackfish 2/3 LSF Addition Overpressure Risk Assessment (ORA)
▪ Jackfish 1 CPF ESP Modification HAZOP, LOPA and ORA
▪ Jackfish Steam Additive Injection LOPA Revalidation
• Enbridge (including legacy Spectra Energy)
▪ Dawson Processing Plant Amine Drain Tank HAZOP
▪ Highway Truck Dock Upgrade HAZOP
▪ Fort Nelson Gas Plant Inlets Area HAZOP
▪ Sunset Creek Compressor Station Unit 2 Addition HAZOP
▪ Fort Nelson Gas Plant various MOC HAZOPs
▪ Compressor Station MOC HAZID
▪ West Doe Gas Plant MOC HAZOP
▪ Pine River Gas Plant MOC HAZOP
▪ McMahon Gas Plant various MOC HAZOPs
• Encana
▪ Sunrise Wellsite HAZOP Revalidation
▪ Sierra Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Cavalier LNG Plant HAZOP Revalidation
▪ Sunrise Compressor Station Fuel Gas HAZOP
▪ Resthaven Modification What-If
▪ Sexsmith Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Titan Well Pad HAZOP
▪ Wellhead Typical HAZOP
▪ 16-36 Water Resource Hub Phase 3 Facilitated Design Review
▪ GEN III Wellsite Design HAZOP
▪ 10-29 Debottleneck MOC PHA
▪ North Central Liquids Hub HAZOP
▪ Pipestone Liquids Hub FEED HAZOP and Detailed Design HAZOP
▪ Pipestone Water Injection Facility HAZOP
▪ GEN III Wellsite Design HAZOP Revalidation
▪ Pipestone Acid Gas Pipeline and Injection HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Booster Compressor Addition HAZOP
▪ 16-23 Wellsite Gas Lift Installation What-If
• FortisBC Tilbury LNG 2014/2016 Expansion HAZOP
▪ Main process units and vendor packages
• Husky Energy
▪ Lashburn Compressor Addition HAZOP
▪ Rainbow Lake NGL Filtration and Truck Offloading HAZOP
▪ West White Rose Project (WWRP) Drilling Course HAZOP
▪ West White Rose Project (WWRP) Topsides HAZOP and LOPA Revalidation
▪ West White Rose Project (WWRP) Interfaces HAZOP
• Imperial Oil / Syncrude Mildred Lake – Air Compressor Packages HAZOP
• Inter Pipeline
▪ Foster Creek Junction Connection HAZOP
▪ Wolf Lake Booster Pump Addition HAZOP
▪ Dodsland LACT HAZOP
▪ Mid Saskatchewan Pipeline LACT HAZOPs
▪ Bow River Pipeline Partial Reversal Project HAZOP
• JACOS Hangingstone Expansion Project
▪ Lime/MgO Feed Package HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Drain System LOPA
• K+S Potash Legacy Project – Main Processes ECD Phase HAZOP Continuation
• Kanata Energy Group – Daiber Gas Plant HAZOP
• Keyera Rimbey Gas Plant Condensate Truck Off-Loading HAZOP
• Nexen Energy Kinosis – OTSG Packages HAZOP
• NAL Resources – 07-08 WWHO Battery HAZOP
• North West Redwater Partnership (NWRP) Sturgeon County Refinery
▪ Cooling Water HAZID
▪ Flare System HAZID
▪ Waste Water HAZOP
▪ Demineralized Water HAZID
▪ Piperack HAZOP
▪ Pipelines HAZID
• Nova Chemicals – Joffre Feedstock Pipeline Project HAZOP
• Pembina Pipelines / Pembina Gas Services
▪ Hythe Sweet Trains Baseline HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Redwater C3+ Bypass HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Redwater RFS3 LOPA
▪ Redwater Cavern 20 HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Redwater CDH 2.75 HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Redwater PSV Replacement Tie-In LOPA
▪ Redwater A&B Rail Rack Conversion HAZOP
▪ Horizon Pipeline MLV Replacement HAZID
▪ AOSPL Terminal #1 Control Valve Addition What-If
▪ Empress Fractionation Expansion HAZOP & LOPA
▪ Younger Gas Plant Baseline HAZOP
• Pengrowth Energy – Treater and VRU Addition HAZOP
• PetroChina Canada (Brion Energy) Dover North Central Plant
▪ Deoiling HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Water Treating HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Steam Generation HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Utilities HAZOP and LOPA
▪ Water Wells and Pipeline HAZOP and LOPA
• Pipestone Energy Corp. (Blackbird Energy)
▪ 05-14 Sour Gas Battery HAZOP
▪ 09-14 Sour Gas Wellsite HAZOP
• Plains Midstream Canada
▪ Glen Ewen Gas Plant HAZOP
▪ Rimbey Truck Terminal HAZOP
▪ Co-Ed Diversion Pipeline HAZOP
▪ Indigo project Nipisi Terminal HAZOP
▪ Hartell Terminal HAZOP
▪ Milk River Terminal HAZOP
▪ Buck Creek MOC HAZOP
▪ CoEd Pipeline Stations HAZOP
• Petronas Energy Canada / Progress Energy
▪ Town Refrigeration Gas Plant HAZOP
▪ Town North Gas Plant HAZOP
• Repsol Canada
▪ Edson Gas Plant Inlets HAZOP
▪ Edson Gas Plant Flares & Drains HAZOP
▪ Edson Gas Plant Steam and Cogen HAZOP
▪ Edson Gas Plant LPG HAZOP
▪ Wellsite Gasifier HAZOP
▪ Chauvin Station HAZOP
▪ Main Manville Meter Station
▪ Wild River Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Nosehill Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Wild River Compressor Addition HAZOP
• SAIT Polytechnic (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)
▪ Cenovus Energy Centre – Power Engineering Lab HAZOP
• SaskPower – CO2 Pipeline HAZOP
• Secure Energy Services – Kerrobert Light Oil Blending System and Kindersley Breakout Tank Lease HAZOP
• Suncor Energy – Meadow Creek
▪ Pipelines HAZOP
▪ Wellpads and Gathering Lines HAZOP
• Suncor Energy – Fort Hills
▪ Steam Generation and Natural Gas Baseline HAZOP
▪ Cogen Baseline HAZOP
▪ Hot Process Water HAZOP
• Suncor Energy
▪ Interlock SIL Determination
▪ FZGO Interconnect HAZOP
▪ Naptha Hydrotreater HAZOP Rework
▪ Millennium Naphtha Unit HAZOP
▪ Fire Water Pump HAZOP
▪ MacKay River Well Pad 824 LOPA
▪ SELC (Pipelines) Line 31 and 57 HAZOP
▪ Coker Blowdown Reliability Modifications HAZOP
▪ Firebag Disposal Water Pipeline and Well Addition HAZOP
• Teck Highland Valley Copper – SAG Mill Modification Addition HAZOP
• Tianqi Lithium Australia – Lithium Hydroxide Processing Plant (LHPP) Acid Roast Kiln burner HAZOP and LOPA
• TransAlta Sundance Station Unit #5 SIL Determination (LOPA)
• TransCanada Pipelines
▪ Hidden Lake Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Moody Creek Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Keystone Hardisty Tank Terminal HAZID and HAZOP Continuation
▪ Hotbit-Dilbit Pipeline HAZID
▪ Denning Lake Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Heartland Terminals and Hardisty Metering HAZOP
• TransGas – Success Compressor Station HAZOP
• Vermilion Energy
▪ Grenada Gas Plant HAZOP Continuation
▪ Eta Lake Gas Plant HAZOP
▪ West Pembina 12-03 Facility HAZOP
▪ Ferrier Compressor Station HAZOP
▪ Sunchild Compressor Station HAZOP
• Williams Energy
▪ Redwater NGL Facility Debottleneck What-If
▪ Redwater NGL Facility Olefin Fractionation Plant Debottleneck HAZOP
▪ Redwater NGL Facility Cavern 11 Modification HAZOP
▪ Horizon Liquid Extraction Plant What-If
• Developed instructional materials and student exercises for ACM training courses.
• Mentored Process Safety EITs and new hires in the Services team.
• Part of the planning and execution team for the Institute of Hazard Prevention’s annual “Inspire” conference focusing on process safety, 2013 – 2014, of between 100 and 150 participants.

Project Manager November 2013 – Present
• Managed major Process Safety and Risk Management consulting projects.
• Interfaced with client to maintain effective communication on project progress, scope adjustments and to ensure alignment between client and services team.
• Assisted with scoping and estimating for Process Hazard Analysis, education and other Risk Management consulting projects.
Manager, Education and Training March 2013 – November 2013
• Coordinated and assisted with development and improvement of courses.
• Coordinated and developed customized courses for individual clients on many risk management subjects, including P&ID interpretation, Process Hazards Analysis methodologies and facilitation, and Safety Integrity Level Determination and Validation.
• Liaised with clients as subject matter expert on course contents.
• Developed customized student exercises for private client training courses.
• Developed, and coordinated development of, customized procedures for HAZID/HAZOP/LOPA and Process Safety Management for clients.
• Coordinated development of customized courses and procedures among other employees.
• Led ACM’s “Classroom Experience Project” to maximize impact of instructors.
Safeguarding Associate October 2010 – August 2011
• Scribed for over 50 Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Studies.
• Facilitated for ACM’s Business Interruption Workshop, March 2011.
• Organized PHA/SIL studies, including preparatory work and reporting.
• Assisted with determination of direction and scope for ACM software development.
• Mentored new hires in the Services team.
2009 Engineering Co-Op Student, Royal Dutch Shell, Muskeg River Mine (Shell Albian Sands), Fort McMurray, AB / Shell Calgary Research Centre, Calgary, AB (8 months)
• Extensive operational and technical field experience with day-to-day engineering operation of tailings management pilot plant at Muskeg River Mine (6 out of 8 months spent on-site; remaining 2 months spent at Calgary Research Centre).
• Worked closly on-site with engineers, plant operators, maintenance and lab staff.
• Performed a wide variety of engineering tasks associated with running the pilot plant and with analyzing data collected.
• Assisted with operational planning and execution of froth conditioning and pumping pilot skid at Muskeg River Mine.
2008 Process Engineering Co-Op Student, Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Chemicals Scotford Plant, Fort Saskatchewan, AB (8 months)
• Performed a wide variety of process engineering tasks for the ethylbenzene and styrene units, both individually and as part of a team.
• Gained on-site experience with many types of equipment in the plant.
• Maintained effective documentation on all projects, calculations and conclusions to ensure that future employees understand the methods and rationales involved.
2007 Process Engineering Co-Op Student, Colt Engineering (now Colt WorleyParsons), Edmonton, AB (4 months)
• Maintained effective communication between project team and Colt representative at the Shell Canada Scotford Upgrader site.
• Gained a strong familiarity with the interpretation of PFDs, P&IDs and piping isometrics, and gained some exposure to heat transfer/exchangers.
• Interpreted pump performance curves & datasheets, and inline instrument datasheets.
• Created Microsoft Excel-based hydraulic models using the above documents.
• Became competent with process modeling programs Aspen HYSYS and AFT Fathom.


• APEGA member in good standing since 2010
• Speaker at CCPS Global Congress on Process Safety, 2019, on the papers Set Your Operators Up for Success: Practical Guidelines for Addressing Human Factors in PHA Causes and Protection Layers, and How to Prioritize Safeguards When They Are All Critical.
• Functional Safety Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) since 2013
• Inspire: Process Safety, Culture & Technology (conference), Institute of Hazard Prevention operated by ACM Facility Safety, October 2014
• TÜV Rheinland Process Hazards and Risk Analysis (PH&RA) Certification Workshop, ACM Facility Safety, July 2013
• Safety Integrity Level Determination (SIL-D) / Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Workshop, ACM Facility Safety, June 2013
• Creating a Mindful Organization, FutureMedia, April 2013
• Lessons from Longford, FutureMedia, April 2013
• Macondo Blowout, FutureMedia, April 2013

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