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Risk Alive and RSD group provides facilitation services for risk assessments in all stages of a facility lifecycle, from Hazard Identification in the design phase through to Revalidation Assessments during the facility operating life.

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Data-driven safety programs to create safer facilities and make more informed decisions, quickly and easily using robust insights from PHA analytics and the world’s largest risk learnings database, to make your facility safer.

If I retire with Risk Alive integrated in my company I’ll know I made a difference

Corporate PHA Director

Phillips 66

I just see a whole lot of functionality with Risk Alive that you can’t get from a traditional PHA. This is the future, it’s where industry is going with online databasing and risk assessments should be the same.

Site PSM Lead

CVR Partners

This is the data us process safety people live and breath for.

Corporate Process Safety Director


Data-Driven Facilitation Services

Risk Alive and RSD Group provides facilitation services for risk assessments in all stages of a facility lifecycle, from Hazard Identification in the design phase through to Revalidation Assessments during the facility operating life. Through both rigorous training and project experience with an extensive list of clients, our consultants are experts in a wide range of risk assessments techniques. 


Data Enriched PHAs bring industry data into your PHA so your team doesn’t miss critical scenarios.


Health Check analyzes your existing PHA data to help prioritize and schedule HAZOPs based on risk, not workflow and resources.

Data Enriched PHAs, Webinar Replay

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Risk Management

Our Safety and Risk group includes a number of highly qualified and experienced consultants from academic, operational, design and maintenance backgrounds who use proven tools and techniques to provide fast responses to safety, risk and reliability issues.

Facilitation Services

HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, What-If, CHAZOP, FMEA, Staffing Study, Design Review, etc.

Safeguard Engineering

Safety System Specification, Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS), Management of Functional Safety

Procedure Development

Hazard Assessment Selection, Risk Assessment, SIL Verification, SIS Operation & Maintenance, PSSR, MOC, etc.

Pre-Startup Safety Review

A safety assessment that can be conducted on both new and revamped processing facilities to determine whether it is ready for startup.

Risk Matrix Building and Calibration

The matrix defines the boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable risks, and helps lead decision making during the session.

Safety Culture Self-Assessment

Receiving a diagnostic on your organizations safety culture, the development of a plan to support Process Safety initiatives.

Strategic Planning (Process Safety)

Determine if the right organizational pieces are involved, and identify whether or not a course correction is required

Contingency Planning

Developed for safeguards which are assigned risk reduction credit in risk assessment studies.

Functional Safety Assessments

A ‘gap assessment’ of the functional safety management system against IEC 61508 and IEC61511

Facility Siting Study

Assessment of the possible impacts of fire and explosion on life safety, structures, and equipment as well as the effects of releases of toxic substances and their ingress into buildings.

Case Study

Discover real-life example outlining how Risk Alive continually helps individuals and organizations make the world a safer place.

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