Did You Miss Anything? Data To Improve The Quality And Consistency Of Your FCC HAZOPs

Smart Risk Decisions Driven By Data


Unlock your risk intelligence, leverage your data and empower your workforce with advance risk data analytics.

Why Risk Alive®?

Process safety management can be overwhelming, frustrating and confusing. We know managing and communicating risk is complicated. We understand, we are with you and we are here to help. Risk Alive® makes it easier and faster to both recognize threats and identify opportunities that will help prioritize your process improvements, manage regulatory compliance, reduce spending inefficiencies and ultimately create safer ways to work.

Benchmark Your Risk

Compare your facilities or process units against others within your company or with industry around the globe (or both) to gain valuable insights and share critical learnings across siloes in your company and industry.

Unlock the Value of Your PHAs

Receive straight-forward, actionable insights on threats to your facility based on your PHA Risk Data using our advanced data analysis and visualization tools. Communicate risk to everyone in a way they can understand and empower your company with an improved safety culture.

Prioritize Your Threats & Actions

Not sure where to start? With Risk Alive® we help you identify your highest priority threats to help you minimize their potential impacts and zero in on your most critical safeguards so you can focus your efforts and resources to make sure they work.

#1 Leader in Risk Data

What makes Risk Alive Analytics the global leader in risk data?

Over 51,000,000 Risk Learnings


With the world’s largest risk data library Risk Alive has more PHA/ HAZOP data and risk learnings from more industries than anyone else. Spanning a range of sectors including oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, agrochemical, fertilizer, mining, food and beverage and even cannabis there is no larger collection of risk data anywhere in the world.

+4,000 Processing Units

+300 Unit Types

+144 Contributing

22 Countries

We’ve got answers.

Who We Are, And How It Works

How does Risk Alive® work?

Risk is complicated. Getting the most from your data shouldn’t be – so we keep it simple, making it easier for you to work with smarter risk data in four easy steps:

  1. You Upload – upload your organizations existing risk data
  2. We Process – our proprietary Risk Alive® process analyzes your complex data and processes it into simplified, actionable information.
  3. Gain Insight – with new, unprecedented clarity into your risk data you will uncover key insights, opportunities and learnings to implement immediately and effectively
  4. Grow Safer Together – empower teams across your organization with your data insights to encourage your culture of safety, growing your business safer, together.

Ready to get started? Upload your data today.

What can Risk Alive® do for my company? My team?

Risk Alive® empowers teams to:

  • Improve quality and consistency of PHAs across the organization – every facility, every location
  • Achieve a deep understanding of the criticality of all threats, safeguards, impacts and hazardous events
  • Learn from incidents and near misses from event insights often buried within PHA data
  • Identify the strengths and weakness of all facilities and embed these learnings into existing work processes
  • Retain risk intelligence, regardless of personnel or ownership changes in your organization.
  • Evolve attitudes and behaviours of personnel regarding PHA
  • Confidence in regulatory proof of your organizations risk competency and intelligence
  • Validate capital allocations with knowledge and intelligence for the benefit of each facility
How do I know my data is safe?

Risk Alive hosts your analytics on industry leading, cloud infrastructure with the highest levels of security and SSL encryption. Users are able to set up secure user ID and passwords with the option for two step identity verification.

For industry comparisons data is anonymized, aggregated and disassociated to make sure your trade secrets are safe. When it comes to sharing risk learnings, we all succeed or fail as one. Through Risk Alive, as a steward and neutral third party, we can all be safer, together.

How much does it cost?

We work with you to tailor the right fit for your needs because our focus is on delivering value for you. Risk Alive® helps teams achieve positive return on investment in every one of our engagements through optimizing the approach to PHA, managing their recommendations, tuning preventative maintenance programs and avoiding costly incidents. The Risk Alive® approach to risk management empowers  your whole organization – teams across your company can have access from the bottom of the org chart to the top, making it easier to work safer together.

High hazard operations around the globe who are leveraging their risk data and analytics to lead the change in risk management, becoming safer together include:

Your risks, clearly understandable.

Risk Alive® helps teams work “safer together” and combine knowledge previously hidden away in thousands of risk assessments from high hazard facilities around the globe. Start with a demo to learn more about the opportunities that you could uncover, evolve to a pilot run with operational data then adopt a fully integrated system, leading the evolution of process safety.

Risk Alive® provides you with innovative tools like digital report cards, risk gamification, and risk catalogues alongside learnings including millions of known threats, impacts, and potential hazardous events. Developed by ACM Facility Safety, a company with over 25 years of risk consulting in their repertoire, Risk Alive® knows how to make data more useful and more accessible for everyone in your company.

At Risk Alive®, our goal is to enable the high impact teams of today and the leaders of tomorrow with practical risk learnings that will help us all work safer together, now and in the future.


Lead the evolution of your safety programs to create safer facilities and make more informed decisions, quickly and easily using robust insights from PHA analytics and the world’s largest risk learnings database.

Check out the Audit Game by Risk Alive®!

Select the top 5 safeguards in the correct order of priority for the selected unit type or equipment.