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Risk Alive & McCabe Technical Risk: Partners in Process Safety

Written by Risk Alive

November 18, 2020


Risk Alive Analytics Inc. and McCabe Technical Risk. Working Together to Advance Leading-Edge Process Safety Practices

CALGARY, AB, 18-Nov-2020 – Risk Alive Analytics Inc. is proud to announce its expansion into high-hazard facility operations through its new partnership with McCabe Technical Risk, a Canadian company specializing in industrial facility technical and insurance risk. With a strong client base continuing to grow in North America, McCabe Technical Risk will work with Risk Alive Analytics Inc. to integrate their game-changing risk intelligence and risk management methodology into high risk operations with clients.

 As a partner of Risk Alive®, McCabe Technical Risk will convey this technology-driven innovation solution that has captured the attention of sophisticated asset operators across the world and are leading the evolution of process safety programs in high-hazard industries.

 Through leveraging advanced risk analytics from the Risk Alive® platform, clients of McCabe Technical Risk will now have access to unprecedented analysis that is both specific to individual organizational requirements and broadly generated from a global collective of insights. With over 10 million learnings to date, the critical insights from Risk Alive® give organizations, like McCabe Technical Risk and its clients, the essential information needed to improve design decisions, on-site processes and strategic efficiencies with smarter, quicker safety decisions that lessen the likelihood of unsafe operations and unplanned shutdowns.

 McCabe Technical Risk always leverages best available technology when working with their clients and this partnership with Risk Alive Analytics will allow them to expand that strategy to include the industry leading solution for risk management using big data analytics. Gary Karasek, President of McCabe Technical Risk comments: “I cannot overstate the benefit this innovative approach provides to organizations that seek to lower risk and operating cost”.

 Risk Alive Analytics Inc. is excited to work with such a forward-thinking global leader like McCabe Technical Risk. Working with partners like McCabe Technical Risk builds on the momentum Risk Alive® has built with industry leaders across the globe. Tom Labodi, President of Risk Alive Analytics Inc. comments:

 “It is a pleasure to welcome Gary and his team to assist us with our vision of making the world a safer place with smarter decisions, backed by science, safer together. By partnering with Risk Alive, Gary and McCabe Technical will be able to help clients look for new ways to be profitable and safe. We believe that reducing risks by reducing the likelihood of unsafe days and reducing overhead costs on non risk reducing assets will add new profitability.”  


To request an interview or more information on Risk Alive Analytics Inc., please contact:

Tom Labodi, President


To request a free online consultation or for more information on McCabe Technical Risk please visit www.mccaberisk.com or call/text Gary Karasek at 902-452-3907.

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