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Find the best facilitator based on technical aspects of your project—type of facility, units, timeline, and facilitation style are all taken into consideration, so you get paired with the expertise needed at the best possible cost and time.

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We offer both In-person and Remote facilitation; although less traditional many of our clients have found that remote facilitation has had many benefits. Feel free to review the Benefits of Remote Facilitation yourself.

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Can't find the options that match your needs? We got you covered.

We are trying something new, hopefully, more efficient and better use of your time, but a few quirks may need to be worked out along the way. So please, contact us directly if needed.

Online HAZOP Scoping Help 

Exclusive Offer For New Clients

Receive up to 3-days of free HAZOP Services. That includes any client who hasn't done business with us in the last 2-years!

There are a few caveats to receiving this deal, including but not limited to the scope of work, location, and type of facilitation services. Ask your Risk Alive contact about the 3-day free offer, and what's involved in this offer and how they can help make it work best for both parties!

For everyone else. We at Risk Alive are extremely grateful for the support we've received from our great and loyal clients. Call up those business development contacts; they will get you a comparable deal, if not better, for any upcoming projects.

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