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An Unprecedented Offer…

…For Unprecedented Times 

The rampant spread of COVID-19 has led to community quarantines and isolation protocols around the world and these protocols are causing unprecedented, impacts to workforces in high-hazard processing facilities. The pandemic situation introduces new and unanticipated risks. Worksites now need to manage production in tandem with market needs while working with unpredictable changes in staff capacity.

That means action needs to be taken quickly, to prevent incidents resulting from a reduced workforce. In these times of uncertainty, we know:


  • Most significant process safety incidents occur during non-routine operations which we are experiencing now with reduced or modified staffing and fluctuating production levels
  • Availability of your essential, experienced personnel will fluctuate unpredictably
  • The remaining workforce will need access to critical risk information in new ways
  • Cloud based technology and tools are the best way to ensure critical risk knowledge is centralized, shared and used consistently.

The Offer – Foundations Package:  Analytics Data Viewer – NO CHARGE

We want to do our part in this pandemic to help your business work safe and work smart despite all the challenges. Right now, we have teams standing by, prepared to upload your corporate PHA data to the platform and make it available to your entire company at no cost to you. No strings attached and no expectations, just send your PHA data and our team will work as quickly as possible to upload and make it available for you

Easy to Use, Easy to Understand





Stepping up for Industry

With Risk Alive® your enterprise will have unlimited and unprecedented access to essential risk insights for all of your facilities. Your team will be empowered to make more confident and more informed safety decisions, meaning your company as a whole will be better positioned to weather the current COVID-19 crisis and anything else that comes along.