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What is your ‘Safe Enough’ evidence?

Written by Risk Alive

December 9, 2016

Are the following statements evidence that your facility is “Safe Enough”?

“Our vision is safe and reliable operations”
“Our plan is to execute Operational Excellence, Training, Culture and PSM”
“My daughter works at our plant and I wouldn’t let her if it wasn’t safe”
“We haven’t had any accidents, so yes, we’re safe”

These are not Evidence. These are things we say to make ourselves feel “safe”

You are trying to do your best to be safe for your company and colleagues. Keeping your boss(es) happy and your direct reports convinced that your assets and people are “safe enough”. Your role is key to maximizing profits and safe operations. All the wheels on the bus are in alignment heading for Safe & Reliable Operations tomorrow, next week, and next month. The last few years have been good, incident free, fatality free. You had a near miss last quarter, but got lucky with no one nearby. The economy is stabilizing a bit. Your leading indicators (undone recommendations, risk assessments completed, near miss reporting, incident reporting, culture assessments…) are in place and are being monitored. There are lots of moving parts, people, budgets and priorities that impact the vision of safe & reliable operations.

Why not check your evidence of ‘safe enough’?

Try finding the answers to these simple ‘know your risk’ questions.

What are the (3) most critical safeguards in this asset?
What are the (3) most critical equipment threats in this asset?
What are the (3) most critical risk reducing recommendations in this asset?
What are the (3) most critical hazard scenarios in this asset?

Here’s the good thing… if you struggled to answer these questions it’s likely you have the answers inside your existing risk data. You just need to unlock that data. Then everyone knows.

Here’s how to unlock the data…

Most likely you have risk data (risk assessments, PHA’s, HAZOPs, incident data) and it’s somewhere. The risk data was developed with the intent to bring the facility into Compliance and generating Recommendations. Unlocking the data will increase your learning and understanding of what’s inside the data. By unlocking the data, better ROI decisions can be made about spending and better decisions can be made about protecting you and others (+industries). Immediately you see the deeper learnings of the asset(s), and then recognize that “safe enough” means taking care of business on what really matters. You recognize that recommendations and compliance are secondary for you and that traditional practices may have resulted in a checkbox mentality blocking you from learning. Since you are the one directly impacted by an unsafe day, why shouldn’t you learn to be more in control.

Visit riskalive.com to unlock your data.

Warning: RiskAlive service has never been available before and is not intended to make anyone look bad. It’s meant to help you understand what’s important, by uncovering the deeper learnings hiding in your plants and facilities. A five day HAZOP can contain tens of thousands of data points and Risk Alive has access to thousands of these data sets. That is a lot of depth and potential for learning.

Upload your existing data and receive a free Risk Alive report to answer these questions directly.

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