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Smart Risk Decisions Driven By Data


Why wait for a meeting with your account rep to schedule your next HAZOP? Why write a long detailed email, only to have to provide more and more details in follow-up message after follow-up message? Book your next HAZOP in minutes, based on your facilitator of choice or the technologies being reviewed. You choose.

Choose Your Booking  Path

Facilitator Based

This option is ideal for returning clients with an existing relationship with a preferred facilitator. You select your preferred facilitator from our lineup of PSM experts, and we verify the availability to meet your project timelines and cost.

Technology Based

This option pairs you with the best facilitator based on technical aspects of your project—type of facility, units, timeline, and facilitation style are all taken into consideration, so you get paired with the expertise needed at the best possible cost and time.

Our Clients

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#1 Leader in Risk Data

What makes Risk Alive Analytics the global leader in risk data?

The world’s largest library of risk data


Risk Alive has more PHA / HAZOP data and risk learnings from more industries than anyone else. Spanning a range of sectors including oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, agrochemical, fertilizer, mining, food and beverage and even cannabis there is no larger collection of process safety risk data anywhere in the world.

We’ve got answers, and the data to back them.

Companies the world over choose Risk Alive


Lead the evolution of your process safety programs and create safer facilities and make more informed decisions, quickly and easily using robust insights from PHA analytics and the world’s largest risk learnings database.

Data Enriched PHA’s

Powered by Risk Alive

Our customers often wonder how their industry peers are evaluating risks on specific technologies.

With data enriched PHA’s, access the worlds largest process risk database with over 4600 processing units and 51 million learnings aggregated from industry over 7 years.

Leverage data enriched PHA’s to:

1. Improve PHA quality while spending less time on preparation and evaluating and identifying risk scenario’s

2. To standardize the process and information from multiple process units across your company

3. Leverage industry data and knowledge to build more informed guidance documents




Health Check

Health Check Powered by Risk Alive – Prioritize your site or enterprise HAZOP efforts based on risk data, and execution, not on process and timelines.

  • Prioritize areas of greatest risk and needed attention
  • Evaluate effectiveness of planned and implanted safeguards
  • Evaluate measurements of risk
  • What processing units have you discovered the most risk